On-Premise Convergence Research Machine Learning

Your network with all of the benefits and none of the latency

Enterprise Software for High-Volume Use Cases

We offer the Convergence ML Classifier as an On-Premise solution for our clients who need the absolute best in scalability and latency-reduction. The On-Premise client allows enterprise users the ability to host the API on their network without the need to call out to the Convergence ML API.

If you are a data aggregator or SaaS platform provider, the On-Premise model is designed around your use case. Data aggregrators often have a massive corpus of previously retrieved records that need to be classified. These records can number in the hundreds of millions. In addition, updates to the data set can be millions of records per week. It would be inefficient to make an API call for each record. This is where the OnPremise client really shines.

Features and Benefits

  • A fixed cost allows unlimited use
  • As scalable as you want - distribute it over multiple machines
  • Unclassified items are automatically sent to Convergence classification queue
  • Automatically syncs the local On-Premise model with the remote Convergence model nightly
  • Simple, easy-to-use request/response format
  • Verbose, robust logging kept entirely on your systems
  • Installed as a Windows serevice


  • 64-bit Windows operating system
  • .NET Framework 4.8 or higher installed on host

Contrast between OnPremise and API

On Premise


Large Business Solution

  • Unlimited use - site license
  • Maximum concurrency
  • Automatic model updates
  • Fixed cost


Price per Transaction

Small, Medium Business Solution

  • No hosting requirements
  • Transactional, use on demand
  • Unlimited storage of results